Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

The Virus

더 바이러스 (The Virus) is a Korean drama that aired on OCN from March 1st to May 3rd 2013. Like most OCN dramas it's rather short and consists of 10 episodes.

Story: The Special Infectious Disease Crisis Response Team (who can remember this name for God's sake?!) led by Detective Lee Myung-hyun has to investigate the case of a mutant virus that has a 100% fatality rate and there are no survivors. Finding out that actuality humans created the mutant virus. Investigating who's behind the production of the virus and fighting the evil becomes the main objective.

Cast: The cast includes some rather well-known actors, and - oh, their acting was perfect in this drama! It seemed as if the whole scenario was real, a dangerous and frightening reality indeed but nonetheless a real scenario. Uhm Ki-joon accepted the role of Detective Lee Myung-hyun, Lee So-jung as Jeon Ji-won. Lee Ki-woo makes a really good doctor as Kim Se-jin, Ahn Seok-hwan can be seen as Kim Do-jin. Park Min-woo acted as Bong Sun-dong. Lastly we have two rather familiar faces, one of them being actor Jo Hee-bong as Ko Soo-gil and Wonder Girls' member Yu Bin as Lee Joo-young.

My personal rating is 8/10 but the drama is awesome nonetheless! Don't get me wrong, my rating is based on a few factors. One of them being that I'm usually not that much into those apocalypse scenarios. Another thing I criticized was the lack of story involving the pharma industry. But the weirdest part is that I actually think the powerful people on this planet would make this possible - and it's scary that I wouldn't be surprised if that would happen someday..

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