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Identical Criminals

동일범 (Identical Criminals) is a Korean drama special that aired on August 21st 2011 on KBS2.

Story: After a woman is murdered Choi Kyung-rok who was released from prison around two months ago is arrested as the prime suspect. But Detective Han Sang-won has doubt about the Choi's guilt since he was only involved in minor crimes before. On the other side Detective Han's partner Detective Kang Dae-woo wants to close the case as soon as possible. After checking his partner's file case Detective Han has more doubts about the case and starts to feel uneasy because of his partner's behavior. Detective Han then meets the senior officer Jung Jong-doo and they decide to work together and catch the real murderer.

Cast: Lee Ji-hoon acted as Detective Han Sang-won. I feel like sometimes his character was a little too naive and didn't really think. Definitely not a good detective but that's not something the actor did wrong but actually the writer. Lee Sung-min took the role of Detective Kang Dae-woo, Detective Han's partner. Lee Hee-joon as Jung Jong-doo decided to solve the case together with Detective Han. Sure there were a few more actors involved but those are the most important ones. Their acting skills are good, yes. But I somehow feel like something was missing, just a spark, that might be because of the lack of logical thinking from time to time (which isn't their fault but the writer's).

After all it's not that much of a usual police crime drama, I liked it but it's definitely not one of the best dramas I've seen, maybe it was too fast from time to time as well. It's a drama special, sure they didn't have time but turning this into a four-episode-series wouldn't have hurt anyone. So my rating turned out like 7/10 which definitely is a good rating but still not one of the best. (I think you've noticed by now that I rarely give ratings lower than 6 and I think 4 was the worst rating).

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