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몬스타 (Monstar) is a Korean drama series consisting of 12 episodes that aired from May 17th to August 2nd 2013 on Mnet and tvN.
Just a fun fact: I've watched one episode of this drama on TV when I went to Busan in July 2013.. and it is hard without subtitles but actually kind of funny as well.

Story: Yoon Seol-chan is a member of the popular K-Pop group 'Men in Black'. Once he pushes one of his crazy fans and when it gets viral his reputation becomes really bad. Trying to avoid further scandals his agency tells him to attend a school. In the meantime Min Se-yi who came from New Zealand as a transfer student manages to get attention at school for both, her musical talent as well as her odd behavior. A lot of misunderstandings make things harder for Seol-chan, Se-yi and their classmates but they find out that their interest in and love for music is something they all have in common.
Basically it's about music, love and friendship during times when everything's confusing for young adults.

Cast: Many people did watch this drama because of the main cast. Yong Jun-hyung as Yoon Seol-chan attracted many of BEAST's fans. Do I need to say anything else? Maybe it was because of his role but I really couldn't describe his acting as outstandingly good. But then againAnother idol in the main cast is Kim Da-hee as Kim Na-na. But many people never heard about GLAM before.. well, at least before Da-hee's blackmailing scandal. However, I really liked her acting and her character in this drama and I seriously would've loved to see her in more dramas but I think that's never going to happen. Kang Ha-neul as Jung Sun-woo is also part of the main cast. Come on, he's an actor, and personally I think he's a quite good actor in general but I admit that this is definitely not one of his best dramas as well, it's just 'good', not really 'great'.
Others in the main cast include Kim Min-young as Sim Eun-ha, Park Kyu-sun as Cha Do-nam, Kang Ui-sik as Park Kyu-dong and Moon Yong-suk as Ma Joon-hee. As you might notice most of them are rookie actors but did a nice job regarding their lack of experience. And come on - someday we need a new generation of actors when all the current stars are in the military. I really want to see some of those again in more dramas. Oh, and we have Ha Yeon-soo as the female lead character, Min Se-yi!

Soundtrack: It's a musical drama.. so it does make sense that the OST is actually quite nice. Almost all songs are performed by the actors themselves except for one really really good track called "흩어진 나날들 (Scattered Days)" by Park Hyo Shin (he's a quite popular Korean ballad singer, if you haven't heard about him, check out his songs!) Nearly all songs are fun and easy to listen to, it's more like a bubbly-poppish style. If you like that kind of music, you'll love the OST to death.

At the end of the day my rating is 7/10. I mean it's a good drama but made for teenagers who experience their first love and the importance of friendship. I would recommend it to those who like music though and it's at least not a waste of time but nice to watch.

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