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Two Weeks

투윅스 (Two Weeks) is a Korean drama series that aired on MBC from August 7th to September 26th 2013.

Story: Jang Tae-san is a small time gangster. Years before the main story starts he met Seo In-hye who saw his good heart. Once she got pregnant he prepared to leave the gang but was blackmailed by the boss who wants Tae-san to go to prison for him. So Tae-san broke up with In-hye and went to prison for several years.
After being released Tae-san runs a small pawnshop. In-hye suddenly contacts him because their daughter, Soo-jin, has been diagnosed with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Since Tae-san is the only positive match around them, he wants to do something right and meaningful with his life. The transplantation is scheduled to take place in two weeks. But Tae-san is arrested by Detective Im Seung-woo for the murder of an undercover agent who was ordered to enter the gang by prosecutor Park Jae-kyung.
Afte escaping because of an accident the police car had Tae-san is haunted by the police and an assassin but he has to stay alive somehow for those two weeks..

Cast: At first we have a really good male lead character and actor. Jang Tae-san actually is a rather round character, I'm actually fascinated by Lee Joon-ki's acting in this drama since the role of a minor gangster who's treated like garbage but who seriously wants to at least save his daughter. Park Ha-sun accepted the role of Seo In-hye, Tae-san's ex-girlfriend. To me, her character wasn't that important - she's a worried mother after all - and always says she's over Tae-san. (well, if you think so..). One of my favorite actresses, Kim So-yeon, took the role of prosecutor Park Jae-kyung. She's overly ambitious, yes, that's true, and sometimes you just want her to leave the others alone but after all she's doing her job and trying to find out the truth. Detective Im Seung-woo who became more like a father to Soo-jin and has been with In-hye for quite some time was played by Ryu Soo-young. Caught somewhere between his love for Soo-jin and therefore the will to protect the person who can save her life and his duty as a detective. I think he did a good job portraying the almost 'split' personally who tries to manage his career and his emotions at the same time though it actually wouldn't work together.
Others we see? We have Jo Min-ki as the bad guy and gangster boss Moon Il-seok, and damn, his character made me go wild sometimes. He's trying to avoid going to prison but won't stop killing people. Tsk, tsk. That won't work for long, Sir. Another actor I just need to mention because of his rising popularity lately is Song Jae-rim as Killer Kim. And despite for the fact that this quiet character fits almost too well with his looks, I really enjoyed seeing his character's plans in general, it was interesting to watch. I would've liked some more screen time for him.
And the cutie Seo Soo-jin was played by Lee Chae-mi. She's... adorable, Soo-jin is like the cute and bright sun in the middle of a huge chaos and investigations.

Soundtrack: This drama is a perfect example for the use of sounds and music.
First I need to mention the instrumental parts. I think I forgot to mention it in my IRIS reviews but I have to talk about it here - the instrumental tracks that are used everywhere in the drama are well-placed, so is the silence that is used. Many producers seriously should reduce the number of songs performed by singers and add more instrumental tracks to highlight the feeling of a scene.
Talking about the 'normal' OST works fine for this drama as well. At first, my favorite track was "가슴을 쳐봐도 (Hitting My Heart/Heart Hurt)" by Kim Bo-kyung just because I was and still am a huge fan of her voice. And this song still gives me goosebumps. But by now I'm completely in love with Nell's "Run", I would've loved to see an MV for this song. After all the other tracks by The One, Dickpunks, Yoo Seung-woo and Toxic were also great. I mean for sure it's not the typical poppish soundtrack many K-Pop-fans would love but then there's me who's also a huge fan of rock music and the OST was my favorite OST of 2013.

My personal rating is 8.5/10 mostly because I think some scenes didn't really fit the drama and some other didn't really do anything for the story so.. there was some unnecessary. And this drama indeed failed to make me cry (a cute child has leukemia and has to go through a lot and I'm cold as stone.. something's seriously wrong with me..) but it is quite good and enjoyable if you can deal with some melodrama.

(*come on, this second gif is incredibly cute, lovely, adorable, sweet and I love it)

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