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피아니스트 (Pianist) is a Korean drama special that aired on November 27th 2010 on KBS2.

Story: Oh Je-ro is a musical genius and wanted to learn how to play the piano but works at a piano factory as a tuner to support his sick father instead. He thinks the name his father gave him sounds like "Oh, Zero" and symbolizes the lack of hope for his future. One day he meets Yoon In-sa and falls in love with her. When she was younger In-sa dreamed of becoming the world's best pianist but had to give up her dream as well and works part-time as an elementary school music teacher. When the two begin their love story they eventually start healing each others souls.

Cast: The cast includes Choi Minho as Oh Je-ro and Han Ji-hye as Yoon In-sa. Choi Phillip took the role of Han Jung-woo, and those are basically the three involved in the love triangle. The acting wasn't that good but not that bad either. But regarding a rather typical story one shouldn't expect too much, it doesn't really need the best actors to portray those characters.

Soundtrack: The piano pieces are quite nice, but besides those I don't remember an OST because it is only a drama special. Nothing more I could tell you about that.

My rating is 7/10, it's not that great but also not bad and something nice to watch if you're bored and need to kill time. Around 70 minutes aren't that much but I think they definitely couldn't have made this longer even if they wanted to because it would be like many other dramas out there. However, as for Minho's acting debut, I think this was decent enough.

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