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시리우스 (Sirius) is a Korean drama special that aired on KBS2 from January 6th to January 27th 2013. It consists of 4 episodes in total.

Before starting the review I have to mention this
(←) awesome picture they used. I really think the whole card design looks awesome and I could talk about my interpretation for hours - maybe I'll do that in the last part of my review - because it leaves a lot of impressions.

Story: The story evolves around the identical twin brothers Do Eun-chang and Do Shin-woo. Thought they are twins, their characters were always different. Shin-woo got into trouble a lot, while Eun-chang was a good and bright person and a good student in his teens but went to jail for his brother. So Eun-chang's life changed a lot.
On the other side Shin-woo always felt inferior to his brother but his feelings changed after Eun-chang went to jail. Now a chief detective of an investigation team, Shin-woo works mainly with drug investigations. Eun-chang, after being released from prison, works as an errand man. But due to a plot planned by Ko Seok-min the two brothers change their positions. While Eun-chang accepts the current state, Shin-woo tries to get his position back.

Cast: Both twins are played by Seo Jun-young who manages to play both different characters quite well. Especially since they aren't close at all I think it requires a lot of skills to do this job well. ZE:A's Park Hyung-sik accepted the challenge as well taking over the teen roles of the twins.
The main gangster Ko Seok-min is played by Ryu Seung-soo. Two female characters appear as well and so we see Uhm Hyun-kyung as Kim An-na and Jo Woo-ri as So-ri.

After all it's a 6/10, though I think it's still a rather good 6~ basically I think it's too short, I would've wished for more contexts and by far more story. Because actually this drama special has so much potential! Regarding the dark angel Shin-woo and the white-winged angel Eun-chang more information would've been a good thing but obviously the producers only wanted a short drama special so - they should've either turned this into a mind-blowing movie or just use the story for a full drama, at least 8 episodes would've been possible to answer some question and to give the viewer some more insight-

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