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Holy Land

홀리랜드 (Holy Land) is a Korean mini drama series that aired from April 28th to May 19th 2012 on Super Action (and no, I've never heard about that channel either). It consists of 4 episodes with a duration of around 60 minutes per episode.
It's the remake of the Japanese series ホーリーランド (Holyland) that was originally aired in 2005.

Story: Kang Yoo doesn't fit in at school or anywhere else, he's just different. The ordinary teenager starts learning the basics of boxing from a book. When he goes out one day and gets attacked by a group of thugs he defends himself with his self-taught skills. In the aftermath he becomes known as the 'Hunter of Thugs'. When he meets Sang-ho by chance, he suddenly finds a mentor and starts to push himself to the limit to find out who he really is. During that time, he meets a lot of people, one of them being Tae-sik. Starting off as enemies the two become friends in the end.

Cast: Shin Dong-ho of U-KISS took the role of Kang Yoo. I'm still impressed with his acting, he would make a good actor. It's still sad he left the group and the whole industry but I wish him all the best and at least there are ways to see him. I wish he'd return as an actor some day though but this is not the right place to talk about this. But Yeo Hoon-min also from U-KISS joined him in this drama as Tae-sik. Those two were almost flawless actors. Sure, their characters had some issues but that's what made them appear human and one shouldn't confuse the actor and the character.
Actor Seong Woong was Kang Yoo's menthor, Sang-ho.

I really enjoyed watching this one, the characters seemed pretty well-developed, and the story is really good - unless you've watched the Japanese dorama before, I think those who know the Japanese version might be a little bored from time to time. But the fighting scences are worth watching and I think I've learned more about boxing than during my sports classes.

My rating is 8/10, it could've been longer with more details given on why exactly Kang Yu wants to learn boxing (or I just don't remember the exact reason) but then again I think there would've been more about a love story if there are more episodes. So in the end I'm not like "Woah, best thing ever!" but it's still pretty good and worth watching.

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