Samstag, 7. März 2015

Men Cry

남자가 운다 (Men Cry) is a KBS2 drama special that aired on June 19th 2011.

Story: Nam-soo is a high ranking gangster and one day, he's diagnosed with cancer. After finding out that he will die. He starts to look out for Young-chae and finds her and her daughter in Kangwon province.
Since he was the one who killed his friend Jong-kil who was about to marry Young-chae he feels a heavy sense of guilt.

Cast: Son Hyeon-ju as Nam-soo played a really emotional character. Or more like.. a melodramatic character. Sure he wants to make up for his mistakes in the past but I feel like it definitely was a little overacted. Jo Mi-ryung took the role of Young-chae, and I feel like her character was a little overacted as well but it's actually not that bad. I think both are good actors and that they just were told to overact.

Soundtrack: Once again I can't say anything about the soundtrack since it's a drama special and I usually don't pay that much attention to the OST when it's a special. But well, you'll be able to guess there won't be any bubbly and happy songs included.

After all this is a 7/10, good but not perfect and definitely with a surprising ending.. which I would describe as unrealistic but it's a Korean drama so nothing is impossible! At least it's not a waste of time regarding the fact that it only has a one episode


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