Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

Genre confusion: Boys Love

Boys Love, abbreviated as BL, is actually another genre that explains itself. It includes all movies with a relationship between two male lead characters. Simple? Well, yes, it is. And actually it was obvious such movies would become popular since there are many manga and anime within this genre. Most movies seem to be from Japan which.. somehow makes sense.

This genre is most commonly connected to romance and melodrama on one side while it goes with comedy and parody on the other.
While in romance and melodrama movies at least one of the protagonists either dies or gets seriously injured (I know five examples just by thinking about this for one minute), the other picks up the stereotypical sassy behavior.
But be careful! As a sub-genre, we also have Yaoi in some movies which means in fact that sexuality is an open topic.

Typical movies of this genre include the Takumi-kun series (which is one of my favorites since the endings are surprisingly not-so-bad), No Regret, Boys Love, Boys Love 2 - Schoolboy Crush and Bangkok Love Story. As for the parody style, I remember Formula 17 and Go! Go! G-Boys.

Sure this genre is a matter of a personal preference, if you don't like gay movies you probably shouldn't watch especially the first type (the second might still be hilarious) but I noticed that I still end up squealing when I see cute scenes.

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