Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Genre confusion: Action

Action is a genre wherein physical action takes precedence in the storytelling. Typical elements are continous motion and action, physical stunts, chases, races, fights and battles. The story usually revolves around a hero that has a goal, but is facing incredible odds to obtain it.

Do we even need any further definition? After all it's a genre for entertainment purposes only. Sure there are serious movies and series but something that is only an action series won't have a deep story most of the time. It's often combined with various other genres.

As an example I'll mention Two Weeks on here. The hero has the goal to stay healthy so he can save his daughter's life but has to run away from gangsters and the police. In this case, the genre is combined with some family stuff, as well as crime, romance and some melodrama elements.

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