Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

Korean TV Stations: KBS

Another information series. Yes, I know that you do miss the international feeling on here. And I do know that you're waiting for some new reviews.
However, it might be only my opinion but I think that some general information about what you watch is always good.

KBS stands for Korean Broadcasting System. At least two other channels are operated by KBS, most commonly known as KBS2 and KBS World.
KBS World also has a Youtube channel where many shows are uploaded with English subtitles.

The Korean Broadcasting System was founded in 1927. Today, the station operates radio, television and online services.
In 1927 the radio services were launched, television programs started airing in 1961. KBS is owned by the Korean government.

Fulfilling the People's Devotion Through Broadcasting

Some of the most popular drama series aired on KBS and KBS2 include Boys Over Flowers, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Dream High, IRIS, Bridal Mask and their drama special series.

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