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Line Walker

使徒行者 (Line Walker/ literal title Apostle Walker) is a Hong Kong drama series that aired from August 25th to October 3rd 2014 on TVB. The series consists of 31 episodes with an average duration of 45 minutes.

*Before saying anything else, I've watched the Mandarin synchronized version. Also, the version I watched was completed after 30 episodes - but the last episode was about 90 minutes long so basically.. the last two episodes were just put together.

Story: Cheuk Hoi remains suspicious over his close colleague’s mysterious death. Shortly before dying, his colleague told him that he sent out five Undercover Cops who are in great danger. But he had to delete their profiles because of dirty cops. Cheuk Hoi now has to find the UC's to safe them. The first agent he finds, Ding Siu-ka, wants to reinstate her identity and agrees to infiltrate the triad gangs. She becomes close to Sit Ka Keung, who's most commonly known for his work in the gambling field.
At the same time, the head of the triad group, Tam Foon Hei is released from prison. His assistant, Lin Ho Kan, catches Cheuk Hoi’s attention with his many tactics.
The police and the triad gang Hung Ying Society get involved in a game of cat and mouse but soon enough Cheuk and the Undercover Cops figure out that the actual paymasters aren't that easy to catch and the game is more complicated than expected.

Cast: Can you even guess how many people are in this series? I'll give a hint.. too many.
The story actually evolves around Michael Miu as Cheuk Hoi and his Undercover Cops Ding Siu Ka played by Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam as Sit Ka Keung and Sammy Sum as Lin Ho Kan. There are two other UC's but those don't appear that often in the drama. Those three, however, did an awesome job showing the difficulties and personal crisis they have to deal with because of no one knowing their real identity, especially Sammy Sum. His character lost everything and while he tries to fulfill his mission his emotions take over from time to time.
Sharon Chan takes part in this drama as Mok Sin Yan. I admit that at first I thought her character but once you realize why she acts the way she does you can't really end up being annoyed or anything similar anymore because in fact she is important for the story. Her story, Mok Sin Qing is played by Elena Kong. I'll tell you that she somehow gets involved with Cheuk Hoi. After all, if I think I'd have to draw a relationship map for this drama I'd have to draw it on my wall.. too many connections! But I also came to like her at some point. She turns out to be a strong person in the end.
There are.. many many more actors and characters involved in this drama, and also in the relationships, but it'd take ages to name them all. I did like most of the actors in the end since they all seemed to go well with their roles.

Music: The instrumentals are really good.. otherwise, they use.. two songs. I can't even tell you how much I started to hate one of those songs after hearing it for 50 times.. Jinny Ng's "越難越愛 (Love Is Not Easy)" is played basically all the time. Thanks.. despite for me not being a ballad person I just have the problem that a song starts to get on my nerves if I don't really like it that much and have to hear it all the time. I find the other song, "行者(Walker)" by Justin Lo and Wilfred Lau to be incredibly interesting though. I would've loved to hear this song more often just because it has a more powerful and rockish feeling to it. And it wasn't overused so this is obviously the song I prefer.

The rating this drama just got from me is 9.5/10. It's a really good one, especially during the last ten episodes you can feel there's more and more going on. It doesn't get boring, quite the opposite, it becomes more interesting. But talking about a rewatch value is difficult since crime series are usually based on the viewer not knowing what's going to happen. That is what keeps the viewers exciting. But the drama has some awesome funny moments, as well as some really dramatic scenes.
Did it make me cry? Twice, yes. That's not that often for such a long drama series but since people same I'm not emotional at all or cold as ice I think it's not a bad thing. But I think the writers also ruined some moments by using tropes (like, just giving an example of something that appears in K-Drama pretty often, incurable diseases). Come on, we've seen that too often already. It just makes me sigh and go "Not again..".
Did it make me laugh? Yes, yes, and yes. Basically every episode had one cute-funny-adorkable moment (if you don't know the word adorkable mix up "dorky" and "adorable".. it's hard to define that word but fangirls understand the lovely-idiotic mix).
And the CharRay moments (I've found this shipname online, don't blame me!) are really fun and cute to watch as well.

Am I recommending this series? Hell, yes. Just watch it, I'm pretty su
re there's something for anyone. The melodrama fans will like it, the comedy fans will love it, so will the action fans and don't get me started about crime freaks like me.

And since the last episode says "To be continued.." there's hope for maybe, just maybe, another season someday..

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