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Bungee Jumping of Their Own

Is this a Boys Love movie? Well.. partly. I'll use the tag as well. BUT it's definitely not meant to be a typical gay movie!

번지점프를 하다(Bungee Jumping of Their Own) is a South Korean movie released in 2001.

Story: Seo In-woo and In Tae-hee are two college freshmen who fall in love and start dating really fast. They're sure that it's an eternal love. But one day it seems like Tae-hee is eternally disappearing out of In-woo's life because of an accident.
Seventeen years later, In-woo still loves Tae-hee though he's married to another woman and has a daughter with her. While giving lectures he notices that one of his students reminds him of Tae-hee all the time. He comes to believe that his student, Hyun-bin, is Tae-hee's reincarnation and that their love is meant to be. The end shows both men in New Zealand.

Cast: We have Lee Byung-hun as Seo In-woo. I think he did an awesome job playing the heartbroken character and he also showed the struggle of admitting feelings that are almost forbidden. No matter what you think about Lee Byung-hun as a person, he's a really good actor. As the female lead we have Lee Eun-ju as In Tae-hee. Most of the time we see her in flashbacks but she's pretty. Her role wasn't that complicated though in my opinion. And we have Yeo Hyun-soo as Lim Hyun-bin. As a student who's still in an important phase of orientation, he seems to be confused about everything. Which is completely understandable if you ask me. It's easy enough to believe the bullied and confused student how difficult the whole situation is.

My personal rating is 7.5/10. Some parts of the movie were just a little too much of a melodrama and I found myself confused about some things. Especially the rather open ending left me wondering why in the world two people would do this.. it's not like it makes things easier.
Sure it's somewhat romantic how far the two souls go.. but it still won't change the situation that much.

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