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My Love Eun Dong

사랑하는 은동아 (Beloved Eun-dong) is a South Korean drama series that aired from May 29th to July 18th 2015 on jTBC. The drama consists of 16 episodes.

Story: After "The Beginning" this drama shows how actor Ji Eun-ho/ Park Hyun-soo meets his first love Ji Eun-dong again. However, Eun-dong lost her memory and therefore doesn't remember what happened before an accident. There are only hints that her memory is still hidden somewhere and just waits to come out. There are only some problems: Jo Seo-ryeong liking Ji Eun-ho doesn't make things easier since she tries to keep them from meeting. And Eun-dong's husband isn't happy about Eun-ho looking for her either..

Cast: The main cast in this drama consists of Joo Jin-mo as Ji Eun-ho and Kim Sa-rang as Ji Eun-dong/ Seo Jung-eun. While I liked their acting after all, I have a feeling they did lack some kind of chemistry from time to time. I don't really know how to put this in words so I'll just leave it like this and stay with "they lacked something but delivered a solid performance at the end of the day". My personal respect for Kim Tae-hoon as an actor is growing anyways. As Choi Jae-ho I felt sorry for him at first anyways but his character was one I honestly started to hate later on - something was fishy.
While I think she's really pretty, I just start to think Kim Yoo-ri can't do anything but stick to annoying female side characters just like Jo Seo-ryeong. I started to skip her scenes not because of poor acting but because I wasn't able to deal with her character at all.
Of course there are many more actors but it feels like things only deal with those few characters. Watching the last few episodes I don't even remember any deep dialogues but characters just seemed to disappear.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack was okay. The songs were beautifully used in the certain situation but it's not like I really fell in love with those songs and will listen to it over and over again.

After all this drama received a rather poor rating with 4.5/10 from me because I was SO close to dropping it after Ep. 11. It's a romance drama. There's literally nothing else about it even though there are some funny moments and the story turns out too obvious too soon.
To me it felt like they just showed everything they had within 10 episodes and suddenly noticed they had to fill more episodes so they had to slow things down and come up with some basic things. Sitting through the last episodes was a torture for me but some people might enjoy it. If you like an emotional, sometimes even melodramatical romance drama, this might be perfect for you. If you're looking for more comedy this one might turn out boring. Oh, and if you're a fan of Baek Sung-hyun or Jr. - just watch "The Beginning", you'll be fine with that.

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