Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Words of Devotion

 !Warning! This is a Boys Love movie! Don't like the genre? Then just ignore it.

愛の言霊 (Ai no Kotodama; Words of Devotion) is a Japanese Boys Love movie that was released in 2008.

Story: Shinya Ootani and Miyako Tachibana have been best friends since high school and started living together about two years ago. Actually the two of them are a quite cute couple but one day Yuki, a friend from high school, shows up and Ootani starts feeling jealous and somehow insecure.
The movie shows the life of a gay couple and no one around them knows that they actually are a couple and not only close friends.

Cast: Yasuka Saito as Miyako Tachibana has acted in a few other boys love movies before so I think his acting in this field is pretty solid. It's not like I could really complain about it.
Hidenori Tokuyama is someone I haven't seen in any series so far and his acting itself as Shinya Ootani was okay but sometimes as a character trying to hide his jealousy he seemed too calm.
After all the chemistry between the two leads was good and their acting was nice to watch.

My personal rating of this movie is 6/10 though. The movie isn't bad but since I'd say it's rather about a couple's life (and it doesn't even matter if it's a gay or straight couple) with a nice ending but a not-so-deep plot. It's not that exciting though it is a sweet story finally not about how people start dating but their relationship itself.

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