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미미 (Mimi) is a South Korean drama series that aired on Mnet from February 21st to March 14th 2014 every Friday at 11PM. The series consists of four episodes with a duration of 70 minutes each.

Story: Han Min-woo is a webtoonist who recently gained popularity because of "December 8th" but he suffers from a partial loss of his memory. All memories until December 2003 disappeared but it feels like the webtoon he's working on tells his own story. To be able to complete the story he tries to restore his memories of his first love that were erased by someone to save him from the pain. While he finds out what has happened, the viewer watches his past self as well as Mimi as high school students and understands what exactly happened.

Cast/Acting: Han Min-woo is a quite complex character who had to deal with loss before. Shim Chang-min actually did a good job portraying him though I'm not familiar with his acting itself. I enjoyed seeing him in this series after all. Moon Ga-young as Mi-mi was quite good as well, though my personal feelings towards her character changed within 30 minutes in the last episode (some humans are just stupid and not romantic but hey, that's my opinion) but her acting throughout this drama was solid.
Jang Eun-hye portrayed by Shin Hyun-bin was good in the beginning as well. While the acting was okay, in the end I felt like her character was just the most senseless one in this series. Yes, sure, there had to be a love story with a happy ending but besides for that I missed something about character development and the importance of her character. She didn't seem like a main character/actress at all.
Jung Ji-soon delivered as one of the side characters, to be more exact he was the team leader Min-woo was working with.
The last actor I really NEED to mention is Baek-hyun. No, not the one from EXO though someone confused them already (I had a good time laughing about wikipedia) but his voice and charisma as the "umbrella guy" is no joke. I loved him and I'm looking forward to maybe see him in more dramas.

Soundtrack: The actual soundtrack only includes one song performed by two singers, it's just a male and a female version. "슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해 (Because I Love You)" was performed by Wendy and Chang-min and isn't a bad song but I found it rather boring after listening to it a few times. The other songs are actually a part of the S.M. The Ballad Vol.2 project. I personally loved and still love Yesung's "내 욕심이 많았다 (Blind)" to death and it really works well with this drama.
After all, the music in this series is really good and nothing else was to be expected since that's what Mnet is known for.

I decided to rate this drama with a 6/10 though. The story was nice but I personally missed some logical aspects and just started complaining about why some characters just started acting the way they did. The drama itself lost the mysterious aspect after the first episode, especially due to the flashbacks it possible to guess what's actually behind everything. So if you're looking for something mysterious with a hint of romance this drama just fails to deliver the mystery part at some point and develops into a typical tragic love story. But what really bothered me the most is how they actually just put Eun-hye in this drama while her character lacks sense, there was literally no reason why another woman had to be there. She didn't support the romance between Min-woo and Mi-mi nor did she have any impact on the whole mystery.
However, the music, the scenery and the acting itself saved a plot that was actually based on a good idea but not delivered the way they could have. It's beautiful to watch if you're in the mood for some tragic first love and don't want to spend much time on it.

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