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Boarding House #24

하숙 24번지 (Boarding House #24) is a South Korean TV series that was aired on MBC every1 from September 23rd to December 9th 2014.

Story: Kim Kwang-gyu opens a boarding house and six young people happen to move in. However, he controlled who moves into his house in order to find his long lost child. While all of the different characters try to find their place in life and work hard to fulfill their dreams, it turns out who can't be the owner's child. Among the three male and three female tenants romance develops as well as good friendships.

Cast: What is the best about this series is actually that most of the characters and their actors share the same name. And I honestly found everyone's acting decent. Why? It's a sitcom, not everything has to be realistic and it has to be overacted for the effect sometimes.
Kim Kwang-gyu is an actor who has been acting in a few dramas before so there is a chance most of the people reading this will have seen him before (or will probably see him in the future). His role in this was basically the most important one.
Park Se-mi from Jewelry is in this series as well, and damn! Her character was just creeping me out sometimes but somehow I ended up liking her for being loyal.
BIGFLO's High Top (Im Hyun-tae) suffered a lot because of her as Lee Bang-in. He rocked this series, his scenes were so much fun and I loved the way he was speaking since it wasn't that much of standard Korean as far as I know (I don't know much about the Northern dialects though~).
Rainbow's  Cho Hyun-young is a girl who loves her luxury brands a lot and has to try and has to move into the boarding house because of spending all her rent money for her bags also known as her "babies".
Kim Dong-jun (from ZE:A) is a sport freak who couldn't become a professional soccer player because of an injury and was left unemployed without any dreams anymore.  
Kim Sa-eun wants to date and marry a rich man and doesn't really care about looks anymore until she really develops feelings for someone.  
Min Do-hee (actually from Tiny-G), a quiet girl who can't suffers from a psychological disease.
VIXX's Ken (Lee Jae-hwan) is the son of a hospital owner who left home to fulfill his dreams.
So as you can see the cast basically consists of only idols but they delivered a solid performance in a comedy series.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack itself is kind of interesting, especially in the beginning the use of the songs isn't surprising but it was nice how they used a huge variety of songs I can't even name. It's solid.

So in the end this series got a 7.5/10 rating because it was entertaining. It was funny. It was easy to watch. And it wasn't that long. Of course the story isn't one of the rather unique once but it's okay. The only thing that was really annoying in fact was the laugh track or whatever it's called but I was able to ignore it up to some point.

If you're looking for a light and funny short series and can deal with secondhand-embarrassment, this might be the perfect not-so-serious one for you.

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