Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Green Fish

초록 물고기 (Green Fish) is a South Korean movie released in 1997 that has become noticed for being a pretty untypical gangster movie.

Story: The story starts with Mak-dong being released from the army. While trying to give back a scarf he caught he starts a fight with some guys in the train but doesn't manage to give back the scarf. That's why he searches for the woman, Mi-ae, the lover of gang boss Bae Tae-gon. Through those events and his feelings for Mi-ae, Mak-dong enters the gang and rises to a high position quickly. But since he has no ambitions, Mak-dong can't answer whenever he's asked about his dream and that just doesn't fit the times of huge social changes and modernization. A simple dream like his, building up a restaurant for his family, doesn't work with the ideals in such a fast changing world which gets him into trouble.

Cast: Han Seok-kyu did actually a good job as Mak-dong. He's actually not a hero as you would see in most gangster movies, he's more like an anti-hero and it's refreshing to see a character with human weaknesses and human emotions in a movie. Shim Hye-jin as Mi-ae kept me shaking my had though, she seemed not only weird but completely drugged most of the time. I feel like the movie could have been a lot better when they left out her completely strange behavior. Moon Sung-geun as Bae Tae-gon did well in this movie though. I feel like his character wasn't too bad of a person actually but was more of a hero than the actual main character.

To be completely honest, it took my group (yes, we had to analyze the movie in a group project) days to find the movie online. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad but then again it's definitely not worth the chaos and the stress. And I don't know if it was because of me watching this movie with four others but we just ended up laughing about some things that were said to be rather tragic. Mission success? Well, no, if it should make you feel bad for the characters and you end up laughing harder than before something's wrong. That's why my rating actually is 6.5/10 which is not entirely bad but not that good either.

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