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God's Quiz 4

신의 퀴즈 4 (God's Quiz 4) is another season of OCN's popular medical crime series and aired from May 18th to August 3rd 2014.

WARNING - The GIF's at the end of this entry might give you a huge spoiler. If you don't want it to be like that, please just don't look at those files.

Story: Once again the team around Dr. Han Jin-woo tries to solve cases related to rare diseases. But this time, Jin-woo's mother and an "experiment" of hers appear. Those seem to be related to the file of an unsolved case Kang Kyung-hee received from one of her highschool friends, Prosecutor Lee Jae-joon, which also turns out to be connected to a case she couldn't find enough evidence for in the past. When the other members of the medical team find out, they're already in danger, also because of Han Shi-woo's curiousity.

Cast: I need to complain a little bit first. As you might have noticed, yes, I do love Ryu Deok-hwan as Han Jin-woo and I'm happy Yoon Joo-hee is back as Detective Kang Kyung-hee (though I did enjoy the third season a lot as well even if she wasn't there) and also Park Joon-myun is still there as Jo Young-shil but I want Kim Sung-do back! As a character, I loved this researcher and his random cuteness related to adult contents. Another thing I've never thought would happen in a rather serious drama is actually the participation of idols. Don't get me wrong, I like Kim Jae-kyung and admit that Lee Dong-hae is handsome but their acting in this drama seemed kind of awkward to me. As for Jae-kyung, her character Lim Tae-kyung is a former idol. An idol turning into a researcher working in a forensic office? Who thought about that and why did they have to turn both, Han Jin-woo and Han Shi-woo, into fanboys? Speaking of Dong-hae's character Han Shi-woo - we don't really get to know how old he is but since he has been studying medicine he's probably not 20 years old anymore but he behaves like a 5-year old boy from time to time. While it was cute it did ruin the atmosphere.
Another new addition to the cast came with Kang Sung-pil as Detective Nam Ki-yong, Kyung-hee's senior. It took me a few episodes to understand him, and in the end I couldn't help but love his loyalty and the way he's caring for the detectives. And his lisp.. well, it makes him somewhat cute though I can't really explain why.

Soundtrack: Compared to the first season, I feel like this soundtrack focussed more on the ballad part. Which is absolutely okay for a romance drama but I don't remember any stronger music used for any fighting scenes. Sure the instrumentals were alright but not memorable.

So to me, this is the weakest season of God's Quiz with a rating of 7.5/10. While I did enjoy the fact that this was more crime than medical (yay!) as well as the meanings hidden behind some of the cases, especially Ep. 7 "X", (yay!) and the atmosphere overall but especially in the last two episodes (yay!) some plottwists as well as the overall background story were just too obvious after some time (I figured out what's going on in Ep. 7 and Ep. 11 before half of the time had passed). Also, this series doesn't seem to have any connection to the other three seasons as well. Sure, it's the team around Han Jin-woo solving cases but it has a completely different feel so it doesn't feel like... God's Quiz anymore. (Does this even make sense to those who are reading this?!) And the fact that they've been focussing on the relationship between Kyung-hee and Jin-woo as well as some family story makes the change just too obvious.

So if you like romance and crime mixed or if you just enjoyed the other seasons of God's Quiz just give it a try but if you loved the other three seasons don't expect top much, the thrill is missing somehow.

[AND NOW THE SPOILER GIFS, if you don't want to see them...]

This is sad.. it somehow broke my heart but wasn't surprising..

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