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프로듀사 (Producer) is a South Korean drama series that aired on KBS2 from May 15th to June 20th 2015 and consists of 12 episodes with an average duration of 80 minutes.

Story: Baek Seung-chan joins a KBS Entertainment World team as the new PD rookie. In the first place he decided to become a PD because of his first love. Right on the first day he gets into an accident with one of his senior PDs, Tak Ye-jin. Tak Ye-jin currently lives with her childhood friend who happens to be another PD, Ra Joon-mo, for KBS Entertainment World and above all Seung-chan's direct boss.
While helping out in one of the shows Seung-chan meets the famous singer Cindy who causes some trouble for Ye-jin. As the chaos evolves around the relationships between the four characters they try to overcome hardships in the entertainment business as well.

Cast: I think the cast is honestly what made this drama as well known as it is. At first we have Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Seung-chan. As the main character of this story the viewer becomes most familiar with him and the stubborn, puppy-like behavior makes him a total sweetheart. But I have to admit that this role didn't suit Kim Soo-hyun perfectly. His acting was good but I feel like sometimes the very goofy, innocent acting just didn't feel right.
Gong Hyo-jin as Tak Ye-jin is a good actress and in this drama she showed some huge differences between the professional and the real person Ye-jin. It was good to see Gong Hyo-jin in this role as her performance was really nice.
Cha Tae-hyun as Ra Joon-mo has the loser role in this drama, if there is one character I would have to name as that character that is. When it comes to his career, if I remember right, every show he touches ends up being ruined and he is trying to safe his current variety show "2 Days & 1 Night". That's when Seung-chan joins and Joon-mo's team is definitely not happy about it at first.
And who could take the role of a famous singer better than a famous singer? So IU is in this drama as Cindy. The change within her character is the most fascinating thing about her. The acting was maybe a little bit too sweet partly but then again idols have to be like that.
The cast also includes Lim Ye-jin, Kim Hee-chan, Kim Hye-ok, Park Hyuk-kwon, Kim Jong-kook, Na Young-hee, Jo Han-chul and Choi Kwon.

Soundtrack: The OST in fact includes a lot of very good singers and some indie bands. My favorite song has to be from a singer called Ben "두근두근 (Palpitations)" followed by "러브스윗 (Love Suite)" which was performed by EXID's Solji.

My personal rating for this drama is a 7/10 not because it is bad but it failed to deliver something special in the world of romantic comedies. As rom-com is the dominating genre in K-Drama land it is hard to deliver something innovative and new, that is for sure, and the only new aspect this drama added to complicated relationships was the entertainment industry. But in that way it actually gives you a nice impression how things might actually be working as a writer or program director and how hard the competition is. So as it was in that aspect a really good drama I was willing to give some bonus points even though it didn't impress me much. Recommendation? If you want to watch it, go ahead, it's not that long after all and I've seen worse than this drama.

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