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Her Lovely Heels

여자만화 구두 (Her Lovely Heels) is a short drama series that aired from February 24th to March 25th 2014 on SBS Plus. It consists of 10 episodes with a duration of 15 minutes per episode.

Story: Shin Ji-hoo is a young woman who holds onto painful memories of her first love. She has a secret crush on her co-worker Oh Tae-soo who does not believe in love but becomes interested in Ji-hoo due to some incidents.

Cast: We have Kara's Han Seung-yeon as Shin Ji-hoo. Let me clarify that Seung-yeon is my favorite member in Kara. But in all honesty, she sucks as an actress in this drama. I've criticized Park Shin-hye for boring expressions but the beautiful Seung-yeon does an even worse job regarding the facial expressions. Everything else is fine but you know - there's something missing.
As Oh Tae-soo we have Hong Jong-hyun. Seeing one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite idols acting in a drama together was actually the main reason for me to watch this. I know that Hong Jong-hyun is often criticized for his cold behavior, not only in this drama. But after some time it becomes obvious in this drama that Oh Tae-soo becomes a lot more warm. It's sometimes difficult, however, to think of the character because I see many things that remind me of people criticizing him on We Got Married in the aftermath.
Others in the cast include Jung Ka-eun as Lim Han-na, Yoon Jong-hoon as Choi Yeon-ho, Ji-hoo's first love. Since the drama is rather short and only focusses on the love story between Ji-hoo and Tae-soo there's only a good friend of Ji-hoo played by Park Jin-joo but we don't get to know the character's name.

Soundtrack: The OST consists of basically two songs. One sung by Urban Zakapa's Jo Hyun-ah, the other performed by Kara's Seung-yeon herself. And those songs aren't bad, typical love songs that are included in many other drama OST's but it's fine - it's a romance drama with a full duration of around 150 minutes.

After all this drama got a 9/10 rating from me.
The story is nice and cute, no unnecessary characters, most of the actors are doing a good job or their acting at least fits the characters' behavior, and it's only a little longer than a usual movie regarding the time it takes to watch this. The only negative aspect is indeed Seung-yeon and it hurts to mention her in such a bad way because I actually really like her but she did a poor job as an actress here. It could be an even better rating if she wouldn't have been this stiff.

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