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Codename: Jackal

자칼이 온다 (Jackal is Coming/ Codename: Jackal) is a South Korean movie released in November 2012.

Anyone in for some tied up Kim Jae-joong? Do I hear voices screaming "No"? Well, then this movie definitely isn't for you because we have a lot of tied up Jae-joong but I think many people are actually here for this.

Story: Bong Min-jung is hired to kill actor Choi Hyun. But since she appears not-so-smart it's actually a kind of complicated situation. The mission starts by abducting him at Paradise Hotel in Seongju. But in the same hotel the police is looking for the serial killer "Jackal". Hyun finds out that his ex-girlfriend hired Min-jung to kill him and tries to convince her to let him go because she got the wrong person.
After several attempts to escape a crazy fan sneaks into the hotel room, unties the ropes and takes him to her own suite but starts to torture him. Min-jung saves him from that fan. Then Angela, Hyun's lover appears, but is stabbed to death.
"Jackal" arrives and after Min-jung kicked Hyun which caused him to fall down and become unconscious. Min-jung fights with "Jackal" and it comes out that actually Hyun was never the target but just a way to contact the real target..

Cast: Song Ji-hyo can be seen as killer Bong Min-jung. She's so funny in the beginning but in the end you realize that she's actually really smart and her strategy was almost perfect. And yes, we have Kim Jae-joong as Choi Hyun. Did I mention tied up Jae-joong? Come on, I know we all want that (and he's not even included in my bias list). After all the dramas and movies he starred in I'm sure I don't need to talk about his acting skills. He can do well and he definitely did do well in this movie.
We have Oh Dal-su as Chief Detective Ma, Han Sang-jin as Team Leader Shin and Kim Sung-ryung as Angela.

Soundtrack: Jaejoong himself sang two songs for the soundtrack, "Stay" and "Kiss B" and I really enjoyed listening to those songs. But then again I really like Jaejoong's voice so.. if you don't like his voice at all the OST isn't for you at all.

My final rating is 7/10 just because I admit there were some parts I just didn't understand at all. The movie was more confusing than everything else I've watched because.. I seriously didn't understand anything and even the end left me confused. As for a movie I think everything should be clear in the end unless they want to leave me unsatisfied or definitely want to film another part. And the end definitely sounds as if they are thinking about a sequel. Anyways..

I did promise some tied up Jaejoong so - here you go~ Grab some popcorn and enjoy it!

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