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Running Gu

런닝, 구 (Running Gu), also known as Running or Racing Heart is a Korean drama special consisting of 4 episodes that aired from June 10th to June 17th 2010 on MBC.

Story: This special tells the story of Goo Dae-gu, a young man, who gave up running because of traumatic events in the past. Because of his old friend Heo Ji-man he discovers his passion for running, friendship and love.

Cast: For such a short drama many people are included in the cast. Baek Sung-hyun acts the male lead role as Goo Dae-gu. Yoo Yun-suk accepted the role as Heo Ji-man, and Park Min-young starred as the female lead Moon Haeng-joo. The main cast consists of those three and like you might be able to guess - it's good material for a triangle, right?
Others in this drama are for example Jung Kyu-soo, Go Yoon-hoo, Shin Hyun-tak and Jun In-taek.
About the acting of the cast I have to say that I really got into the story because of everyone doing a great job though I think it's hard to say how people would behave in such a situation. It seemed real.

Soundtrack: This might be only because I don't pay attention to the music that much when watching short dramas. Maybe it's because I've watched this about one and a half years ago but I don't remember anything. Like, there's really nothing about the soundtrack I can tell you. In general I think it was good but not really memorable. Which doesn't mean it was terrible or incredibly good.

As for a rating.. Well, I gave a 6/10 but to be honest I don't remember why exactly. Maybe because of  many repetitions, maybe because a little too much drama for me. But let's say that's just me and doesn't need to be like that for everyone. If you like one of the actors - watch this, it's good and even if you don't like it that much it's only like 4 hours so you wouldn't waste a lot of time.

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