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White Christmas

화이트 크리스마스 (White Christmas) is a Korean drama special consisting of 8 episodes that aired in 2011 from January 30th to March 20th on KBS2 and let me tell you one thing - every review I've seen so far said that this one is one of the best Korean dramas the writers had ever watched. And I fully agree with them! But let's start this slowly.

Story: Soo-sin is a private school in the mountains of Gangwando. The area is isolated, all students and the staff stay in dormitories and there is a good reason: The students can't do anything but study so the top 0.1% attend Soo-sin.
Usually everyone's leaving for Christmas because the eight day holiday is the only holiday they have all year. Park Moo-yul decides to stay because of a hateful letter he received a few days ago. In the end, seven students and a teacher remain in school.

Cast: This drama is actually one of the first dramas that helped some actors gain attention. First would be Sung Joon as Choi Ji-hoon, followed by Baek Sung-hyun as Park Moo-yul, Hong Jong-hyun as Lee Jae-kyu and Kim Woo-bin as Kang Mi-reu. This was one of the dramas that actually helped some of them to get into the spotlight and it was also the drama that made me a huge fan of Hong Jong-hyun while my respect for Baek Sung-hyun grew as well.
Other included in the cast are Kim Sang-kyung as Kim Yo-han, Kim Young-kwang as Jo Young-jae, Lee Soo-hyuk as Yoon-soo, Kwak Jung-wook as Yang Kang-mo, Esom as Yoon Eun-sung and Jung Suk-won as Yoon Jong-il. Because it's set in an isolated school those are all characters that appear.

Soundtrack: I.. I do not remember the soundtrack.. I know there was music played, yes, but I don't remember a thing. Why? Because it all just fit together too well, the music highlighted the story but didn't try to get into the spotlight so I just noticed the smooth flow.

Another straight 10/10 drama. Probably the only one I've watched about three times now. The story is perfect, the cast is perfect, the setting is perfect and I just love this. And like I mentioned in the introduction, almost all people I've talked to loved this drama as much as I do. Watch it, it's only about 8 hours (sadly) so you can't go wrong if you like some psychological thrillers.

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