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Reply 1997 / Answer Me 1997

응답하라 1997 (Reply 1997; Answer Me 1997) was aired from July 24th to September 18th 2012. Set in 1997, at least partly, it made me feel quite old somehow. Because I remember a lot of things that were around at that time. (1990's babies will understand what I mean.)

Story: The series follows a female high-school student, Sung Shi-won, who is a huge fan of H.O.T. She's last in her class and instead of focussing on her studies she supports the group unconditionally. She's a straight-forward and sassy character. Yoon Yoon-jae is her best friend and a boy next door. As if it was fate he falls for Shi-won. So does his brother, Yoon Tae-woong. And there's the typical triangle we face in a lot of dramas.

Cast: The cast includes quite a few idols once again. First we have Jung Eun-ji as Sung Shi-won and Seo In-guk as Yoon Yoon-jae. The two of them make a quite adorable couple though they actually aren't a couple. Also Hoya of Infinite acts in this drama, as Kang Joon-hee and he was especially praised for taking the role of a gay character (which actually in our society shouldn't be a huge deal anymore but we don't need to discuss this here).
Also part of the cast are Shin So-yul as Mo Yoo-Jung, Eun Ji-won as Do Hak-chan and Song Jong-ho as Yoon Tae-woong.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack includes a lot - and I mean a lot - old school sounding songs. The most popular song was performed by Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji. "All For You" is a cover of a song by Cool released in the 1990s though. Songs by Fin.K.L and Sechs Kies were also included in the soundtrack. Personally, I'm not that much into old school (K-)Pop but I really liked the remakes of 1990s songs, maybe because of an improve in production quality.

Rating this one is kind of difficult. I'd say 7/10 just because after all I'm not that interested in the topic. But it was a really good way to spend my time watching this one. After all it was too good so that I'm kind of scared of watching Reply 1994, thinking they might have ruined the nice story.

And now, some wise words by Kang Joon-hee and an adorable scene:

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