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Twenty Years Old

Just a short writer's-note: This was my 50th K-Drama so it is a milestone~ Yay!

스무살 (Twenty Years Old; also known as 20's) is a South Korean drama series consisting of four episodes with a duration of 20 minutes that aired on January 6th and 7th 2014 on tvN.

Story: This short drama series tells the story of Kim Hye-rim who fell for one of her seniors but one night he tries to take her to a motel and her romantic love story ends. After being home for a few days her best friend and housemate Oh Ga-young takes her to a concert of popular idol group BEAST. Ga-young really likes member Lee Gi-kwang who was one of Kim Hye-rim's classmates in middle school.
After the concert, Hye-rim and Gi-kwang meet again and the story of their past becomes relevant again as Gi-kwang shows interest in Hye-rim after four years.

Cast: I think the first person I just need to talk about on here is Lee Gi-kwang as.. himself. Well, yes, it makes sense that his acting therefore wasn't too bad because after all.. who knows a character better than actually the person who is or was the model for this role? That does not mean that I don't think he might be a good actor but probably his role in this one wasn't the hardest to play but then again I don't really know his personality. His acting in this was just okay, pretty much okay and nice but nothing special and he might not be the best idol-turned-actor of all time but I will probably check that out some time later.
Secondly, there's Lee Da-in as Kim Hye-rim. She's pretty but I just came to laugh about how innocent and naive a young woman can be. But that means her acting was in fact believable though it seemed ridiculous how innocent she acted.
Other actors in this drama include Kim Hye-ji as Oh Ga-young and Kim Dong-seok as Kim Tae-woo.

Soundtrack: Is there even a soundtrack besides some of BEAST's songs that are playing in this series? There were a few tracks I've noticed but I don't know the titles or anything about the soundtrack in general. The music is supporting the drama itself and it doesn't have a bad impact on the rating but it is not outstandingly good as well.

A 6/10 might seem to be a kind of low rating to those who have read a few reviews but for me this is solely based on one important factor: the story. The story itself delivers the feeling of a fanfiction, there is literally nothing outstanding about it. It's a story 13 year old girls think about and publish something similar on or asianfanfics or I-don't-even-remember-how-many-sites-exist. It simply lacks individuality, the special factor. The character design is alright, the story has the usual elements teen-dramas include.
Character development is difficult to show in such a short series so this didn't really influence my rating.

For fans of BEAST and in general short idol stories this is a cute love story but if you're looking for something more special, this drama might not be the one you should watch. It only has the length of a movie though so it's not a waste of time if you decide to watch this.

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