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A Company Man

<- This is the German DVD Cover. Yes, there are at least two others I've seen but I honestly love this one so I'll just stay with this.

회사원 (A Company Man) is a Korean movie that was released in 2012. In Germany it's rated 18+ which basically means.. for adults only.

Story: Ji Hyeong-do is working at a company just like many other people. But while his company seems to produce metals, he's actually a professional murderer. After working with Hoon, he gets asked to kill the young man who begs him to give money to his family. Getting to know Yoo Mi-yeon, Hoon's mother, he starts to be confronted with guilt.
After his company finds out that Hoon is still alive, Hyeong-do's hunted down by his former colleagues but still thinking about the family he tries to save them as well.

Cast: I was surprised from time to time in this movie noticing familiar faces. So of course the reason why I wanted to watch this was, mixed up with the 18+ rating, So Ji-sub as Ji Hyeong-do. He IS an awesome actor. This story was basically written for the lead character only, it's his story, and So Ji-sub is perfect for this 'badass' role what some people call it but actually the emotional side of a contract killer also works perfect for him. Lee Mi-yeon appears as Yoo Mi-yeon. While I wasn't that much a fan of her acting, I thought it was pretty decent and believable at the end of the day.
Speaking of familiar faces, Kim Dong-jun of ZE:A appears as Ra Hoon, Mi-yeon's son. I loved his character a lot as well, caring for his family, a huge resposibility, trying to make money so his mom won't need to worry anymore. The story wouldn't have worked without him either.
Others that appear are Kwak Do-won as Kwon Jong-tae, Jeon Guk-hwan as President Jeon and Lee Kyung-young as Ban Ji-hoon.

9/10 is my rating for this movie. After finishing this movie, there was this huge emptiness I rarely feel so I would argue that it is a good movie. I like it. I'm only curious where's the difference between the 'normal' and the 'uncut' versions but that's just a minor thing at the end of the day.
There were some dramatic events. Otherwise 'revenge' wouldn't make sense. The story isn't that unique, that's true, but I don't regret buying the DVD and I would definitely recommend this movie if you're
a) a fan of So Ji-sub,
b) in love with dark and atmospheric action movies,
c) a fan of fighting scenes or
d) all of the above.

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