Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

Takumi-kun: The Beauty of Detail

!Warning! This is a Boys Love movie - don't like it? Then ignore it.

美貌のディテイル (The Beauty of Detail), also known as the third part of the Takumi-kun series, is a Japanese movie that was released in 2010. The whole movie series is based on a manga series of the same name.

Story: After a long break, the students are returning to school and Gii and Takumi enter their third year. But Gii doesn't come to meet Takumi, and after hearing that Gii changed a lot, Takumi starts worrying and plans to visit his boyfriend. But even towards Takumi Gii shows a cold and completely different behavior which leads to a crisis, especially for Takumi who sees himself confronted with a problem he thought wouldn't appear again. Luckily, Shozo Akaike, Arata Misu, Takumi's new roommate, and Kanemitsu Shingyouji are there to help Takumi out - at least as good as they can.

Cast: Once again we have Daisuke Watanabe and Kyousuke Hamao as Gii and Takumi. The two of them already had a good chemistry in the second movie, Rainbow Colored Glass, but this third part seems even better to me. This might just be my idea but both of them seem to be more comfortable acting which makes their chemistry even better.
Once again we can see Yukihiro Takiguchi as Shozo Akaike, the saving grace of this series. How can a character with such a good heart just disappear from time to time.. he honestly would deserve his own movie but anyways, maybe he's the only straight student in that school (don't judge me, just a thought.) In this part, Ryoma Baba also appears for the first time as Arata Misu. Sadly we don't get to know why his character seems so cold towards Gii but as Takumi's new roommate his role in this movie is definitely one of the most important ones. Since he's the one to make Gii realize that something's seriously wrong. Kanemitsu Shingyouji is played by Bishin Kawasumi. While his role in this movie appears to be some minor role, it shouldn't be underestimated. And he's somewhat like a cheerful and cute puppy.
Lastly, we have Yasuka Saito back as Izumi Takabayashi. Once again I wonder, why there was another actor for this role in the second movie when Saito is the one playing this role in the first and third movie. Maybe that's just me but it doesn't make that much sense to me. Anyway, once again it's more like a guest role so it's not that bad actually.

As for the conclusion, my rating is 9.5/10. This movie is definitely more serious than the first one, yes, and it's therefore not as cheerful and bubbly as the first one but also not as sad and depressing as the second.
But they had to film some scenes that were actually included in the first movie with the new lead actors as well. That wouldn't be a problem at all if the setting wouldn't have changed that much. That is actually what makes flashbacks hard to understand. IF they had to change the cast, it would've been better, at least for the flashbacks, to at least try and reconstruct the dormitories presented in the first movie.

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